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Individual Counseling

Everyone has a story. For many, the story details disappointment, grief, loss, trauma, abuse, and shame. For others, the story may outline chapters of depression, anxiety, confusion, regret, guilt, anger, or hopelessness. The experience of being heard and understood is the beginning of hope, healing and growth. Allowing you to find strength and courage to continue the journey ahead of you. I commend your boldness in pursuing treatment and for taking the first step toward healing. I look forward to walking with you in the midst of your journey.

  • Relational/interpersonal issues

  • Grief & Loss

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Career/academic challenges

  • Trauma & Abuse recovery

  • PTSD

  • Family of origin issues

  • Identity & Self-worth

  • Compulsive behavior

  • Boundaries

  • Communication & conflict resolution

  • Phase of life

  • Emotional trauma

  • EMDR

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